Summer Conference Speakers


Keith Underhill

Keith Underhill first visited Kenya 54 years ago and was in the pastoral ministry there until 2015, aided by his wife Priscilla. In those years the Lord used him in church planting, the establishment of the Trinity Pastors College, the biblical reformation of churches throughout Kenya and the daily pastoring of Trinity Baptist Church, Nairobi, which is now a key and influential church at the heart of the nation.

Oliver Allmand-Smith

Oliver has been one of the pastors at Trinity Grace Church, Ramsbottom, for over twenty years. Through these years he has studied the depths of the Word of God and how the God of that Word has worked out his providential purposes in history. This has equipped him to bring us a well-rounded understanding of how our forefathers in the faith can help us know God's word more fully, in knowledge and in practice. He is also a trustee of IRBS Theological Seminary, Reformation Today and African Pastor's Conferences.

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Walter Johnston

Walter Johnston was pastor at Chorlton Evangelical Church for many years. Since Chorlton is located just outside of Manchester, Walter spent and still does spend much of his time reaching people on the busy streets with the gospel of Jesus Christ in one-to-one evangelism, street preaching, tracting and much more. These years of experience, alongside a full life of faithful ministry in the local church, thoroughly equip him to teach us about apologetics in the world and how we are to share the truth with unbelievers.

Brett Shaw

Brett was sent as a missionary from Sycamore Reformed Baptist Church, Illinois to assist Trinity Grace Church, Ramsbottom in the work of the ministry. He graduated from IRBS Theological Seminary in 2015 studying under Dr James Renihan. This training gave Brett a thorough understanding of the 1689 Baptist Confession and how the biblical truth therein applies to our lives today. He ministers at Trinity Baptist Church, Charlesworth, where he and other servants seek to reach the lost in Derbyshire.