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Winter Conference Speakers

Kevin BIdwell.jpg

Kevin Bidwell

Kevin is the minister at Sheffield Evangelical Presbyterian Church, a growing church plant in the heart of Sheffield. He is also a Systematic Theologian, teaching at Westminster Seminary in Newcastle, and is author of the title "The Westminster Standards for Today: Recovering the Church and Worship for Everyday Christian Living". This has given him a brilliant understanding of the doctrines of the Trinity and Christology, the two subjects he will be presenting before us at the upcoming conference.

Tony Flanders

Tony is one of the pastors of Trinity Grace Church, Ramsbottom, where he has faithfully expounded the Word of God and attended to the needs of the sheep for several years. This earnest 'on-the-ground' ministry has not only given him excellent proficiency with the biblical text, but has also led him to an understanding of how knowledge of the person of Jesus Christ transforms people's lives. He will be preaching to us at the end of the conference.


Brett Shaw

Brett was sent as a missionary from Sycamore Reformed Baptist Church, Illinois to assist Trinity Grace Church, Ramsbottom in the work of the ministry. He graduated from IRBS Theological Seminary in 2015 studying under Dr James Renihan. This training gave Brett a thorough understanding of the 1689 Baptist Confession and how the biblical truth therein applies to our lives today. He ministers at Trinity Baptist Church, Charlesworth, where he and other servants seek to reach the lost in Derbyshire.

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