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Winter Conference 2023
The Person of Jesus Christ

In the upcoming conference, we seek to answer a simple question - who was Jesus Christ? Many people claim to have the answer; some argue he was a mere prophet, others a great moral teacher, and others suggest he was the highest 'created' being to step foot on the universe. These popular and widespread views invert who Jesus was and destroy his gospel. The scary reality is that, when confronted with the question of the person of Jesus Christ, many Christians seem just as confused as the rest of the world...

This conference addresses the question by showing the clear, biblical, and historical reality of the person of Jesus Christ. Since the inception of the faith by Christ himself, Christians have worshipped him as the risen and triumphant Lord, the Son of God in the fullness of divinity, and the Son of Man in the fullness of humanity.

Kevin Bidwell, Tony Flanders and Brett Shaw will show us why the question of Jesus' person is important, how we are to answer it with the bible, and how we are to defend the truth with the help of those who have gone before us.

Trinity Grace Church, Ramsbottom

Ramsbottom is a small town situated to the north of Manchester. This location brings a number of benefits including access to the amenities of the town, as well as the surrounding Lancashire countryside.

For those who will be travelling greater distances to attend the conference a limited amount of accommodation is available with the members of Trinity Grace Church. (If you are interested please let us know when completing the registration form and we will contact you regarding availability).

In addition, there are a number of suitable guesthouses and hotels in the surrounding area that you can book at your own expense.

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